8 Reasons Why Bespoke Web Design is Better Than a Template

If your company is looking to achieve a website revamp, there are two main approaches.


Obviously, the approach will depend on various factors, such as your budget and overall business strategy.

While templates have their place, a bespoke website design has a number of key advantages.

1. You Get a Custom Website

When you commission an agency to design a custom website, you will receive a design that no other company has.

Pre-coded templates, such as from ThemeForest, often have hundreds, if not thousands, of different businesses using them.

A bespoke website design, tailored to your exact requirements, will enable you to stand out from the crowd and be unique.

2. Reflect Your Company Branding

Unlike using a template, a bespoke design ensures your company branding remains intact.

You can personalise all aspects of your design, from the colour scheme and overall look and feel, to the typography and layout.

Although pre-coded templates can be customised, working with a blank canvas provides ultimate flexibility.

A custom design also enables you to continue brand consistency across your social media pages, which is important for social media management.

3. Better Meet Your Business Objectives

Before building a new website, it is important to analyse your overall business strategy to ensure the website will be effective once live.

Having a bespoke design is crucial for this process. Objectives can be analysed prior to development and then implemented into the design process.

This ensures a superior success rate.

4. Increase Conversion Rates

A custom-made website will be developed to emphasise your particular product or service.

Pre-coded templates are more generic and often targeted at multiple uses.

In contrast, a bespoke web design tends to result in a greater amount of leads and conversions, whether that is a customer enquiry, a sale, a newsletter subscription, a download, or otherwise.

5. Designed For Speed

A bespoke web design tailored to your requirements can be designed with blistering speed in mind.

‘Off the shelf’ templates often attempt to serve a variety of purposes and tend to contain functionality you simply don’t need.

This makes them slower to load, which will invariably keep potential customers waiting for longer.

6. Higher Level of Support

One thing that a bespoke design provides is a greater level of customer support.

A template website may come with basic e-mail support, but this is often extremely limited.

There is no guarantee you will get your technical answers solved.

It is this reason why custom web design is recommended for both smalland larger businesses.

7. Build an Agency Relationship

When you opt for a personalised web design, you get the opportunity to work closely with your digital agency.

Having immediate access to expertise is vitally important for your online strategy.

Not only does working closely with your designer mean you can make edits and give feedback during the development process, it means you can collaborate together to ensure the best possible end result.

8. Optimised From The Ground Up

Not all templates are built with SEO in mind - even if the provider claims otherwise.

When you choose a custom Umbraco website design, such as from Yellowphin, your website will be developed to Search Engine Optimisation best practices.

This will ensure your pages are more likely to succeed against competitors on the major search engines.



By Yellowphin at 16 August, 2018


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