Benefits of Digital Marketing Audits

Are you wondering if your website is performing to its best?

Audits can check the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. It’s recommended that you do social media audits and SEO audits regularly to look at how you’re performing. You’ll be able to make data-driven decisions and improvements that will optimise your efforts, increase your website traffic and generate more leads and sales! 

Benefits Of An SEO Audit

SEO Audit - Google Search Console

The overall aim of an SEO audit is to identify what can be done to bring more traffic to the website. By looking at your website performance both on-page and off-page, an SEO audit can identify what can be done to increase traffic, leads and sales.

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Here’s why an SEO audit is invaluable to your business:

  • Identify areas that may be under-performing
    We can help to improve areas of weakness in your SEO.

  • Assess the quality of your backlinks
    With an audit, we can help you improve your link building.

  • Understand keyword performance
    It will reveal which keywords are bringing in traffic and which are converting.

  • Find ways to improve site speed
    Site speed is a major factor in user experience, too - when’s the last time you left a site because it was slow?

  • Create an SEO action plan
    Using data from your audit, we can match you to the right SEO package for your business.

Benefits Of A Social Media Audit

Understanding the performance of your social media channels, like FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn, is vital for measuring your ROI. A social media audit allows you to analyse your presence online and where there’s room for improvement.

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Here’s why a social media audit is invaluable to your business:

  • Get more out of your social media marketing
    Using data from your audit, we can help you create consistent branding, tone of voice and marketing messages across your social channels.

  • Identify the content that performs best
    With an audit, we can adapt your content strategy to boost your engagement.

  • Pitch yourself against your competitors social media 
    It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the competition! See how your social media compares and stay ahead.

  • Set goals backed by data
    We can help you to establish clear goals and KPI’s, as well as identify the next steps.

  • Understand your key platforms
    Is your message being heard? We can help you evaluate which platforms are best for your target market.

  • Spot any unofficial pages
    Finally, a social media audit may reveal unofficial pages that could harm your brand image and reputation.

SEO & Social Media Marketing

Utilising SEO, PPC and social media marketing together means you’ll get the best results from your digital marketing efforts. There are many key benefits, including:

  • Establish a consistent marketing message across all your channels, that can also be applied to wider marketing materials.

  • Broaden your reach by targeting different audiences in the same target market.

  • Reach consumers at different stages of the buying journey - from brand awareness campaigns on social media to those ready to convert with paid search advertising.

  • Boost website traffic, which in turn can lead to an increase in leads and sales!

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By Yellowphin at 27 October, 2020


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