DF20: A Virtual Umbraco Experience

I am Busra Sengul ASP.Net developer here at Yellowphin Digital Agency, an Umbracian and also, Umbraco Documentation Curators team intern.

A little bit more about me...

I am living in Glasgow currently, working remotely with a super skilled, fantastic team.

I spent more than 6 months during the first lockdown period in Turkey with my beloved family.

I am a former mathematics teacher as I hold BSc degrees of Mathematics with qualifications for being a high school teacher. Even though I loved teaching, my passion has always been being a cryptographer 😊 To become a cryptographer; I knew I needed to learn to program first.

Busra Sengul

When I started learning to code, I just loved it. The pleasure of when your code works, there's no other place I could find it. Being a developer doesn't always mean just writing code for me. I'm also a very social person. I love to attend conferences and meet-ups where I can meet people, make friends while learning new tech and improve my skills.

I became an Umbracian after I've attended UKFest 2019! I made great friends there as well as jumping right in the middle of the Umbraco community!

Umbraco announced the Dutch Festival 2020, and I knew it would be a great experience to get involved. To be able to watch and learn from amazing people and also interact with them virtually at the same time! Of course, I had signed up straight away. Then one day Sofie – HQ Documentarian – told us that DF speaker arrangers reached her up and asked if we want to take part in DF20 and do a little talk about what we are doing with Docs team.

DF20 A Virtual Umbraco Experience

I put myself forward because I wanted to do the talk. It was going to be my first talk ever and it was my first ever virtual festival talk 😊.

With the given opportunity; I was able to tell how I got into the community, how I became an intern and what Documentation Curators team doing and my role at the team.

It wasn't a tech-related talk but more like a chatter. I enjoyed preparing my speech as well as doing the talk.

DF20 coordinators sent all the speakers all the information for setting up everything for the talk. This included creating a slack channel and Microsoft Teams channel for each speaker's test their talk. Also, this allowed us to practice when talking at the conference. Finally, we needed to do the final sound and visual checks before the launch.

My talk was in the morning at 08:30, but there were 280 people online at that time and watching me! Pretty exciting!

DF20 Busra Sengul

Each talk was about half an hour with a Q & A at the end.

There was an international sign interpreter during every talk for accessibility reasons. Umbraco and all Umbraco festivals care about accessibility as we all should do!

There was also a chat option via Vimeo chat during every talk, and hosts can read and ask the questions from the viewers.

And if you're tweeting something with #DF20 hashtag, your tweet was probably on the screen in between talks!

I didn't watch myself after they released my recording at DF20 on YouTube but the feedback was excellent.

Thank you, everyone, who made DF20 possible this year!

Thank you all for reading this much!


By Busra Sengul at 14 October, 2020

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