Social Media - The Marketing tool your business can't afford to be without

Why your business needs a Social Media presence

Social Media has long since evolved past the point where it could be considered a passing fad. It has gone on to revolutionise not just the way people communicate, but also how they consume media and engage with businesses.

When you consider there are 2.167 billion active users on Facebook alone, you can bet a significant number of your potential customers are amongst them. Today’s consumer is increasingly glued to their smartphone; tweeting, liking, sharing, and following the things they find interesting or newsworthy. If you haven’t begun to capitalise on this, the chances are that your competitors will be a step ahead of you in the digital race.

For companies willing to embrace social media, a new world of opportunity awaits, albeit not without a new set of challenges. The key is to learn how your target audience is using social media and how you can make it work for your business.

Why you need to be on Social Media

Improve SEO Rankings

A strong presence on Social Media along with a large following will help you climb up the rankings in those search engines. Our full range of SEO packages can be found on our SEO packages page.

Gain Trust

According to Forbe’s Research on consumer engagement, 81% of social media users say their buying decisions are directly influenced by social media recommendations and posts from family and friends. You can build up a level of trust with your followers by maintaining a consistent stream of quality content and encouraging customers to leave reviews and share your posts. Essentially, you become part of their social circle, making them more likely to convert in the long run. 

Build Brand Awareness

Having a professional presence on social media platforms is an essential part of building a strong brand image in 2018. Create content that your target audience will find interesting and want to share with their friends and remember that even if it is not generating instant sales and leads, every time you post is a golden opportunity to get your brand message out there. This keeps your brand in the mind of your consumer, thus increasing the likelihood that when they are in the market for your product/service then you are the first company they think of.

Gain Insight into Your Customers

Social Media offers a really unique opportunity for a business to engage in a two-way communication channel with its target audience and you need to be using this to your advantage. Through this dynamic two-way relationship, you are able to gain insight into your followers; what makes them tick, how do they perceive your business, and how can you use their feedback to improve your service and/or product.

Tips For Success

Offer something of value

Your posts need to offer something of real value to your target audience. People love content they can share on their feeds, so make your posts interesting and share-worthy. Use your insight to learn how your target audience is using the platform you are on; are the posts they are sharing educational? Humorous? Lifestyle-related? Is there a particular cause you can capitalize on? You need your brand to become ‘friends’ with your audience.

Avoid hard sales techniques

Social Media users KNOW when they are being sold to and they are quick to switch off from uninspiring sales patter. Your page should be a way of working your brand into your customers everyday feed, of gaining your trust and getting them to see you as their friend. That doesn’t mean you should avoid sales posts, but there needs to be a balance if you want to keep your audience engaged.

Don’t cross-post

Each Social Media platform has a different Modus Operandi and if you are a small business you are best to focus on one or two rather than all of the different platforms as that can be a LOT of work. Facebook is still by far the biggest platform, but other very popular ones include Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Flikr.

Don’t keep them waiting

Everything is Instant in the world of Social Media. Your potential customer may find your post while they are browsing on their smart phone as they are walking down the street, or boarding a train, and there are other things likely to take their attention away from your post. If you are making a CALL TO ACTION, make it clear. Don’t make the customer jump through hoops to get to your landing page, and avoid large blocks of text that are hard to read.


Social Media can be an excellent marketing tool and should not be overlooked at a time when there are such large numbers of regular users and people are spending an ever-increasing amount of time scrolling through their feeds.

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