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Participating in Twitter chats is a fantastic way to get involved in industry discussions, share knowledge and boost your social media presence – all at the same time! Every Wednesday we join in with SEMrush’s #SEMrushChat to discuss digital marketing topics.

This week’s topic was repurposing content and how this can boost performance. Here’s a recap of the questions and our answers!

  1. What’s the difference between content repurposing and content revamping?

Content repurposing is changing the format of your content, for example making a blog into short snippets for social media. Revamping is updating or refreshing your content by adding new information.

You could also repurpose content by updating it. For example, if you have a blog post of the top 10 films of 2017, why not use this as a template and update it for 2019?

  1. Why is content repurposing a good idea for anyone who deals with content?

Repurposing your content allows you to generate unique content for each platform and better serve different audiences. The copy you use on LinkedIn is going to differ from the likes of Instagram or Twitter. And the formal style of a white paper will be different to informal social media updates.

It's also a great time saver, increases your reach and achieves different goals.


  1. What are the ways to find top-performing content that deserves repurposing?

Track your analytics!

What content is generating the highest CTR? What are people engaging and resonating with? Data is your friend in analysing your content. This way you’ll be able to test what content works and be able to refresh content that is underperforming.


  1. What way of content repurposing would you name as the most effective by benefit/cost ratio? Why?

Transcribe your videos into blog posts or create infographics from your blog posts. You could also turn your content into downloadable resources is an easy way of lead generation. Be sure to repurpose your content in a way that meets your business goals!

  1. What tools can make repurposing your content easier? How?

For easy infographics, tools like Canva and Visme are your friend! There's also a tool called Lumen5 that turns blog posts into videos. Or, you could offer templates of your content using Google Docs.

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By Megan McCaskill at 6 Nov 2019, 08:56 AM


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