5 Easy Apps for Amazing Social Media Videos

Ask any social media manager what’s trending on social media right now, and chances are they’ll say video. 

Video content is being watched by audiences more than ever, whether it’s entertaining videos on Facebook or informative content on Twitter. It’s a great way to bring your brand to life and stand out from the competition! With behind the scenes content, it’s the perfect opportunity to show your company culture and connect with your audience.

The statistics speak for themselves:

With video, you can boost your brand awareness, grow your audience and engage your followers. Video can be used to add personality to your brand and show your customers the behind the scenes of your business. 

If you don’t have the budget to hire a team of professional videographers - don’t worry! Armed with a smartphone and some editing apps, you’ll be shooting video content and improving your social media strategy in no time.


Canva is the graphic design tool for people who aren’t experts with Photoshop. It has a clear interface, pre-made templates and access to free content.  

Simply upload your videos - or choose from their library - and use their editing tools to make your masterpiece. It also links to their desktop version!

With in-built branding features, Canva makes creating consistent content a breeze. Having a theme is popular on platforms like Instagram, so make sure yours is on brand. Think about how you could adapt your schedule to include a short video series, using the branding features. 


Create smooth, professional time-lapse videos straight from your phone. The app shows you how much footage you’ve recorded and how long the time-lapse will be. As well as letting you adjust playback speed, it also has inbuilt stabilisation.

Show your fans what goes into the production process, share an unboxing of a new product line, or give a tour of your offices! 


Life Lapse

Stand out from the crowd and mix up your video content with old-school stop motion videos. Get creative with your layouts, from showing a timeline of events to documenting the construction process.

When you’re done, just upload the video directly to your chosen social media platform, where you’ll benefit from analytics and better visibility. Create elaborate stop motion videos or simply add some interest and movement to an otherwise boring photo!

GIF Maker 

If you only have photos to work with, don’t worry! GIF maker allows you to upload your photos and adjust the speed to create a slideshow. GIFs are a great alternative for capturing your audience’s attention.

To create a GIF, focus on one idea. For example, you could create a GIF showcasing customer review photos. Making use of user generated content will help drive engagement and show social proof - plus, everyone loves to be featured!


If you’re looking to breathe life into your photos, this animation app lets you create moving photos to capture attention in the news feed.

With tools to animate elements in your photos, this is a unique approach to creating video content for your social media channels!

Now that we’ve shown you some easy to use apps to create video, you’ll be able to take your social media followers by storm! Get creative with your videos and show more of what makes your business amazing.

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By Yellowphin at 17 February, 2020


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