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Content Management is a critical part of web design and development and whatever sector you are in, you must ensure that the content management system you use meets your current and future needs.

There are many systems to choose from and here at Yellowphin we’ve chosen to work with Umbraco, one of the world’s largest content management systems that power some of the biggest sites on the web. We use Umbraco to develop websites using asp.net and C# and we are an active member of their community.

Umbraco is an open source CMS platform for publishing content on the Web that comes complete with developer tools, rebranding rights, enterprise level support and advice from highly experienced team members. It has powerful features that allow designers, developers and website owners to create stunning websites and manage their content quickly and effectively.

We like Umbraco because it offers complex and powerful functions and they include:

  • Powerful yet simple to use
  • Full design and Markup control
  • Complete CSS Control
  • No problem using Flash or Silverlight
  • Bug fixing and productivity enhancing add-ons
  • Plenty of ready to use add on packages
  • Starter kits and skins
  • Scalable from small to large businesses
  • And so much more that we offer you in our work

We are confident you will be impressed with the Umbraco Content Management system and will see the same impressive results that our other clients have seen.

We also like Umbraco because it has website owners, designers and developers in mind when they develop its features and tools. It is also a flexible system to run and whether you are a small campaign or brochure site, or are looking to run complex applications, you won’t be disappointed with its capabilities.

To benefit from this content management system, Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you with your project.

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