Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing campaigns should be part of your online marketing strategy and here at Yellowphin we help you get your message out there. With our reputation for success as a Email marketing agency, there’s no need to worry about your message reaching the inbox.

However, email marketing can be difficult and unsuccessful especially when you go it alone without any specialist help. Your emails could be treated as spam and your open rates are likely to be very low. You are also likely to find your CTR (click through rate) is low and the cost of the email campaign doesn’t justify the returns.

At Yellowphin we know and understand all the problems that businesses running email campaigns face. We know what it takes to have an effective email campaign and what words and structure are required to improve delivery and conversion rates. So whether you are reaching out to an in-house list or a cold list and are looking to bring in sales or leads, you can be assured of impressive results when you are sign up to our email marketing service.

We handle all your Mail shots, campaign managed emails and newsletters and our service is very easy, reliable and affordable.

We create eye catching emails that are guaranteed to bring results and we handle the whole process for you

Our email marketing service includes:

✓ Email copy writing and design

✓ Bespoke email design

✓ Adding of logo, branding and photos

✓ Segmenting lists to target specific markets

✓ Easy tracking the success of your email campaigns

✓ Detailed info on who clicks your links in the emails

✓ Create weekly and monthly newsletters with your messages and promotions

✓ We calculate the return on investment for each of your emails.


There’s so much more we provide in our email marketing service that we would like to demonstrate to you.

Give us a call today and we will do our best to meet your specific needs.


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