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Yellowphin has the perfect solution to meet your web design needs. We offer bespoke web design to new and established businesses and we can get you online quickly and professionally.

We know the possibilities you could have with a website that’s tailored to your industries needs. It is what many of your customers are looking for and with a bespoke website that includes all the features, you can be confident that you won’t lose them to the competition.

At Yellowphin we explore all avenues to make your website successful. We customise it with your end user in mind and optimise it for the search engines so that you get free traffic that will make your business more profitable.

Bespoke web design main features:

  • We don’t use any templates – all our work is created by our designers
  • We use the best design software Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Bespoke Design & Marketing solution's at reasonable prices
  • Web design team up to date with the latest web technologies
  • We provide guidance on search engine optimisation and how you can get your new website to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Unlimited revisions till we make your website perfect and the way you want it
  • We will also propose a hosting system that’s affordable and can meet all your needs.

If you’re looking to upgrade your website and bring it up to date with the latest technologies, we can certainly help. We can upgrade you website and we can do it quickly with little or no downtime.

Contact Yellowphin today to find out more about our bespoke web design service.

What happens when you work with us

We offer you the best web design and development service and we work with you from start to finish ensuring that you have an amazing website that is delivered on time and on budget.

Firstly, we work on your design needs and expectations and our talented web designers create an innovative design according to your specifications. We also take into account the requirements of the end user and the likely path in which the customer will take through your website. This all depends on the type of website we are designing / developing for you and on the products or services in which your business deals. We then use that concept to work on an initial idea that will stand out from the crowd and provide the greatest results for your business.

Website Design

After consultation and approval we start the process of transforming the graphical idea into an online digital design. We start with the very first lines of HTML code for your website and lay the foundations that create a working copy for you to look at.

At this stage you can instruct us if the web design needs any changes and we make them until you are completely satisfied for us to move on to the next stage.

Website Development

At the website development stage we start to turn the digital design into working HTML copy. It’s at this stage of web development that we provide you a private hosting account to see the site being built. Each website we build comes with its own dedicated testing environment so you can view your site before it goes live and request some changes. We also perform thorough testing and quality control before finally launching your site.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All through the web design & development stages we work on ensuring that your website meets current search engine requirements to achieve high rankings. After we’ve completed the website, we use our SEO knowledge to optimise your site for the main search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo using keywords that are targeted to your audience.

We do all this web design work in house and never outsource any of our work and we provide you with a private hosting section where you can view your website being built and see it coming together beautifully. Neither do we use any stock templates unless you’ve specifically instructed us to.

We also offer dedicated hosting on all our websites, so you can be confident of a fast loading website and few or none downtime.

Contact our team today for a free quote and to chat about your website design & development needs.


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