What is the best SEO Software 2020

If you're working in-house as a marketer or flying solo as a freelancer, there are several things you need to consider before investing in SEO software. Choosing the best SEO software in 2020 can be difficult, especially with so many SEO tools to chooseYou will need to consider the price of the SEO software and the features that come with it.

To help you choose what SEO software is the best, we have created a list of the top 5 SEO tools. 

  1. Google Search Console

    Google Search Console is an essential SEO tool for anyone with a website, and it's Free. Google Search Console lets you measure your website traffic and performance over time, and also it flags up any errors on your website, allowing you to identify and fix SEO related issues.

    Additionally, when you add new content to your site, Google Search Console allows you to submit individuals URLs for crawling. As a result, your content is indexed more quickly. Also, you can submit sitemaps to Google Search Console, which will enable Google to crawl your website effectively. This will help website rankings.

    Google Search Console also allows you to optimise and enhance your website by enabling you to test mobile usability, monitor AMP pages and discover if a page is eligible to show rich results. Also, it allows you to analyse keywords that your website is ranking for.

    Overall, Google Search Console is a must-have tool. It's free and the software will help you manage your SEO efforts.

    Price: Free
  2. Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is a popular tool for SEO and is recommended highly by SEO experts. When you start to explore ahrefs, you can see why.

    Ahrefs allows you to perform keyword research, analyses your competitors, and so much more to help you developed effective SEO strategies.

    One feature that comes with ahrefs is Site Explorer which is a useful tool that allows you to see what keywords your competitors are ranking for. Plus, it provides information which pages bring the most organic traffic. Additionally, there is a keyword explorer tool that allows you to discover relevant keywords with accurate metrics such as click and return rate.

    Ahrefs also allows you to run your website against a site audit. This allows you to discover the health of a website and more importantly flags any SEO issues, such as speed performance, indexing errors and much more.

    Another tool that features in ahrefs is the rank tracker, which provides tracking to discover your keyword rankings. Finally, there is 'content explorer' which allows searching for any word or phrase, and it will return relevant pages with SEO and social metrics.

    Overall aherfs is the go to tool or many SEOs and is recommended by leading SEO experts. It is an all-in-one SEO tool that will help you boost your SEO efforts.

    Price: Starts from $99 per month

  3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider 

    Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool is an excellent piece of software that allows you to crawl websites. Crawling a website will enable you to discover essential data to help you make informed decisions. 

    The information from a crawl will reveal broken links, redirect chains, Page Titles & Meta Data and much more. This information is vital to help SEOs begin their journey, optimising a website. It is also important to note that you can export the data after a crawl which is useful if you need to analysed and organised vast amounts of data.

    Screaming Frog SEO Spider can be downloaded for free. The free version will enable you to crawl 500 URLs, which usually enough for smaller sites.

    There is also a paid version which costs £149 for the year which allows unlimited URL crawling, plus you get a range of additional features. Some of these features will enable you to link Screaming Frog with your Google Analytics, Search Console & PageSpeed Insights. Also, the paid version allows you to crawl AMP pages, validate your Structure Data and much more.

    Overall, Screaming Frog SEO Spider software is a fantastic tool for SEOs with some great features. The free version is excellent, and the handy export feature allows you to organise and take control of a large amount of data.

    Price: Free & £149.00 per year

  4. KWFinder

    This is one of our personal favourites pieces of SEO software. The primary tool is KWFinder which helps you identify keywords you want to rank for. 

    When searching for a keyword, KW Finder highlights vital metrics such as keyword search volume and keyword difficultly. Therefore you can find keywords that you can easily rank for.

    You can also see what your competitors rank for in case you want to undertake competitor analysis. Plus, KW Finder allows you to get search volumes with historical data which enables you to identify seasonal keyword trends and hot topics. 

    Alongside the keyword research tool is several other tools, including SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner and SiteProfiler. These additional tools that come with the subscription are great to use and can be used to help form your SEO strategy.

    Price:From €358.80 per year or €49 a month
  5. SEMrush

    SEMrush is another popular tool for SEO. There are plenty of useful features that allow you to develop SEO content and advertising strategies.

    SEMrush heavily invests in tools that will enable you to get insights into your competitor's strategy. This allows you to analyse your competitors' advertising, organic and link building efforts.

    SEMrush has more awesome features too. There is a tool that allows you to find keywords, and the Keyword Magic generator helps you to discover more keyword ideas and organises them into a handy list.

    There is also a reporting tool that generates white-label reports which you can share and schedule with your clients. This is an excellent feature on SEMrush as it can save you time & money sourcing more software to help you create SEO reports.

    Also, in SEMrush, there is a range of excellent PPC tools that allow you to find keywords ideas to assist you in creating ads for your paid advertising campaigns.

    Overall, SEMrush is not only an SEO tool, but it is also a PPC and reporting tool that combines all three into one piece of software.

    Price:From $99.95 per month

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By Philip Beaumont at 16 March, 2020


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