Your their pocket: Amazing benefits of having a mobile app for your business!

Consumers are spending an increased amount of time on their smart phones and shopping habits are going through a radical change. In 2019, we are not only talking about having a website but also many e-commerce businesses are switching on to the phenomenon of the Mobile Application.

The use of mobile apps has skyrocketed in recent times as mobile technology has developed and gained momentum, and whilst 5 years ago it was the reserve of only the most elite and forward-thinking businesses, now most high street stores and many small to medium sized enterprises have realised the amazing benefits that having an app can have for your business.

So how can an app help my business?

1) Wave bye-bye to ‘Buy and bye’

A fabulous website will attract new customers, but how do you keep them coming back for more? An app can greatly compliment an existing successful website by creating and rewarding customer loyalty.

Many high-street and online retailers give customers an incentive to make repeat purchases by offering exclusive discounts through their app that they can cash in via their website or in-store, thus boosting customer loyalty.

2) Better user experience

Businesses are using mobile apps in multiple ways and if done in the right way it can simplify the customer experience and/or make it more enjoyable.

Gyms and fitness brands are using their apps to enable users to track workouts and calorie intake. An event organiser may use geolocation to help the user navigate the venue, while supermarkets are ever-striving to develop more sophisticated ways of using mobile technology. Currently this includes allowing the user to see which special offers are currently running, manage their loyalty cards, while some are rolling out a ‘scan and go’ where they can pay as they put items in the trolley.

3) Learn about your customers

Every time your customer ‘loves’ a product on your app, or uses a QR code at 2pm in a certain branch of your shop, you are learning about their spending habits, their lifestyle and their interests; all valuable info that will help you to better target your audience going forward.

4) Your brand…in their pocket

The more familiar the user becomes with your brand the more likely they are to purchase from you. An app is a brilliant way to boost brand awareness as every time your user gets a push notification, or a message with an exclusive offer, or engages with your app on their phone, it strengthens the consumer-to-brand relationship.

By Yellowphin at 24 July, 2019


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